Multi-functional silicone grease


  • Excellent resistance to steam, solvents, gases, chemicals, oils, etc
  • Outstanding resistance to washout by hot and cold water, including sea water in submerged conditions
  • Compatible with most commonly encountered rubbers and plastics
  • Wide temperature capability from -40°C to +200°C (+220°C intermittent)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Highly effective protection against corrosion


MOLYSLIP ARVINA SG3 is a non-toxic, translucent, high-temperature long-life grease based on polydimethyl siloxane with an inorganic thickener system. The product has a high dielectric strength and offers excellent resistance to washout by hot & cold water, steam, solvents, gases, chemicals, oils, etc, and is compatible with most commonly encountered rubbers and plastics.

MOLYSLIP ARVINA SG3has been specially designed for the lubrication of seals & ‘O’ rings, valves, slides and slow moving plain and anti-friction bearings and lightly loaded mechanisms.

Note: Not suitable for use with silicone rubber MOLYSLIP ARVINA SG3 is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for use with potable water up to 85°C.


100 tube, 450g tin and 18kg pail


PropertyTest methodResult
AppearanceNLGI classification
Base oilSilicone
Base oil viscosity @40°CIP7110,000 cSt
Worked penetrationIP50220-250
NLGI ClassificationCorrosion resistance (EMCOR)
Drop pointIP132>280°C
Operating temperature range-40°C to +220°C


Store MOLYSLIP ARVINA SG3out of direct sunlight.
Storage temperature should be controlled to between 5°C and 35°C.

The product information in this publication is based on knowledge and experience at the time of printing. There are many factors outside our control or knowledge which affect the use and performance of our products, for which reason it is given without responsibility.Issue date 03-20