Arvina XR2

Extreme-Performance PFPE Bearing Grease


Molyslip® ARVINA XR2 grease is a fully synthetic, perfluorinated grease designed for bearings operating in extremes of temperature and aggressive chemical environments. The optimised base oil, thickener and additive system combine to deliver outstanding resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation at temperatures up to 280°C. ARVINA XR2 grease has excellent resistance to most aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and oxidising agents allowing them to be used where conventional products will fail.

Molyslip® ARVINA XR2 grease is suitable for use in plain, ball and roller bearings, slides, gears, pins/bushes and valve mechanisms operating in the temperature range of -30°C to +280°C.


  • Excellent high-temperature capability up to 280°C
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Highly effective lubrication and wear protection
  • Significantly extended re-lubrication intervals compared to conventional greases


Available in 1kg tins