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It is vital to use the correct grease or lubricant for your choosen appliaction.

To help, below you can find a few frequently asked questions. For more detail, please 'Ask the Expert'.

What is the difference between a grease and an anti-seize?

A grease is used to lubricate a moving part whereas an anti-seize is used to prevent non moving parts seizing.

How do I work out a DN value?

The Dn value is calculated as: the diameter of the bearing multiplied by the RPM. 

What is the co-efficient of friction for Copaslip?

The co-efficient of friction for Copaslip = 0.12. The Torque co-efficient (K value) for Copaslip is 0.18. Copaslip does not exceed the built in tolerances of the torque setting.

For information the relationship between torque and clamp load is expressed as: T=KFD, (where T= torque, F= clamp load, D= nominal diameter of bolt and K= torque coefficient)

Can I use Molyslip on my motorbike’s wet clutch

We would not recommend any of our products on a wet clutch. A wet clutch requires friction whereas our products reduce friction.

Is 2001 G recommended for automatic gearboxes

We would not recommend our gear box supplement for this application. We believe your gearbox requires friction to function correctly whereas our supplement reduces friction.

Should I replace the 2001E at each engine oil change

Yes, we would recommend replacing 2001E at each oil change

Can the Molybdenum Disulphide in 2001E block the filters?

The Molybdenum Disulphide particles are very fine.  After more than 50 years of good service there is no record that they have ever blocked an automotive oil filter. 

Is it possible to use Molyslip engine protector in a 2 stroke engine?

Molyslip 2001E is not recommended for use in 2 stroke engines. Molyslip E contains solid molybdenum disulphide in a colloidal suspension and dilution of the oil in petrol (as happens with 2/Strokes) will break the suspension and the molybdenum disulphide will drop out before it can plate on to any moving parts. 

Can I used Copaslip or Alumslip on stainless steel?

Yes, both Copaslip and Alumslip can be used on stainless steel except in very high temperatures where Nickelslip would be the preferred anti-seize.

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