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MOLYSLIP ARVINA OG2 put to the test on ZPMC cranes in Thailand


A port customer in Thailand approached Molyslip distributor L.I.S. Intertrade looking for a solution to water wash-off on the lift gear and trolley traveling gear/wheel atop of ZPMC cranes.

Located in a highly corrosive environment, the gear was subjected to heavy rain and seasonal monsoons. As such the port machinery relied upon high-performance corrosion resistance and regular maintenance intervals.


  • Resist water wash-off
  • Provide high-performance lubrication to exposed open gear in an environmentally corrosive environment


The client saw great resistance to water wash-off and increased lubricity during the height of the monsoon season.


ARVINA OG2 is a premium quality, clay thickened grease formulated using a combination of highly refined mineral base oils and synthetic advanced additives. ARVINA OG2 grease is specifically developed for open gear lubrication and contain adhesion improvers, which provide the greases with excellent resistance to fling-off and water wash-off.

The ARVINA OG2 has excellent anti-wear, extreme pressure & anti-rust properties, as well as graphite particles to provide the grease with increased loadbearing capability. Arvina OG2 has been specifically formulated to have excellent pumpability.

ARVINA OG2 is ideal for the lubrication of open & semi-enclosed gears and drives. It can also be used for the lubrication of all moving gear wheels, heavy loaded chains, slideways, crown gears, valves, shafts, pivots, joints and articulations, pin bush connections, etc

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