An international offshore drilling contractor which operates and manages a fleet of modern, high-specification drilling rigs in Southeast Asia contacted Molyslip looking for an environmentally friendly jack-up grease for their fleet of drilling rigs.

The customer was looking for a jack-up grease that was readily available and environmentally friendly. After speaking with the Molyslip technical team, the company agreed to trial ARVINA AW ECO. The product in application showed great adhesion and water wash resistance, providing long-standing protection to the open gear on jacking legs of the oil rigs in open water. After a successful trial, the company agreed to use ARVINA AW ECO across their entire fleet of jack-up rigs.

Molyslip ARVINA AW ECO is an environmentally friendly jack-up and open gear grease, specially developed to deliver high-load carrying and anti-wear properties with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. ARVINA AW ECO is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and HOCNF ‘E’ classified and ideal for instances where environmental considerations are a priority.

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