Bonded Dry Graphite Lubricant


Molyslip® DRY GRAPHITE SPRAY is a high performance, resin bonded, dry film lubricant based on high purity graphite. When applied to metal substrates the graphite forms a resilient, low friction film that protects against wear and corrosion. DRY GRAPHITE SPRAY reduces metal pick-up and galling during component assembly and dry start up conditions and where traditional “wet” lubricants either can’t be used or do not provide adequate lubrication. DRY GRAPHITE SPRAY can be used in a wide variety of operating conditions – the applied film will operate between -50°C and + 550°C without flaking or cracking. Unlike oils and greases the dry nature of the film will not attract dirt and dust and it is resistant to water wash-off making it ideal for use in extreme environments.

Molyslip® DRY GRAPHITE SPRAY is typically used as a dry-film blank mould pre-treatment in the glass container industry where the bonded graphite film removes the need to manually swab with ‘wet film’ compounds during set-up when consistent running conditions are required. DRY GRAPHITE SPRAY can also be applied to baffles, blow moulds, bottom plates, neck rings etc.


  • Resin-bonded temperature resistant low friction coating
  • Easy to use – Ambient temperature curing
  • Long service life
  • Provides consistency during machine set-up
  • Maintains even glass distribution
  • Reduces thermal shock and allows clean release of ware from mould cavities


Available in 400ml aerosol