Non-Flammable Delivery Lubricant


MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK SL40 is a biodegradable mineral oil free water-extendible lubricant specifically designed to lubricate and cool shear blades during the cutting of glass gobs. The specially selected base oils offer excellent thermal stability and lubricity to extend blade life, minimize deposit formation and therefore reduce the occurrence of shear marks, whilst the high-performance emulsifiers allow for easy mixing with minimal agitation. The product is suitable for use at a range of dilutions and avoids the formation of calcium soaps making it suitable for use under all water conditions up to 500ppm CaCO3 hardness

MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK SL40 utilises the latest anti-wear and anti-corrosion additive technologies to prolong equipment life and protect both ferrous and non-ferrous components against corrosion.

MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK SL40 is suitable for application by most commonly used shear spray systems.


  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent lubrication and cooling
  • Prolongs shear blade life
  • High dilution
  • Excellent ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion protection
  • Compatible with all water conditions
  • Eliminates shear marks


Available in 200Ltr