Molyslip Launches a High-Performance Biodegradable Cleaner Slipclean DL

A highly effective, slow evaporating cleaner and degreaser based on synthesised oils and citrus oil derivatives. The product is free from chlorinated solvents and packaged in a 400ml aerosol, allowing maximum soil penetration.   Slipclean is designed for the safe and effective removal of a wide range of industrial soils and contaminants including oil(s), grease, tar/bitumen & wax compounds, carbon deposits, inks, and semi-cured adhesives.  It benefits from a high flash point maximising contact time and surfaces under cleaning can be rinsed clean with fresh water after use.

Andrew Cunningham, General Manager, Molyslip says:  This is an exciting addition to our offering at Molyslip.  Slipclean is compatible with most industrial substrates and we do recommend patch testing on sensitive materials but the good news is that it has a low residue and is not emulsifiable.  The tests we have performed, and subsequent on-site trials lead us to believe that this is an outstanding biodegradable industrial cleaner that we think outstrips others available in the market.”

Find out more about Slipclean DL here.

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