Molyslip introduces a new range of extreme performance bearing greases – Arvina XR. These fully synthetic, perfluorinated(PFPE) greases are designed for bearings operating in extremes of temperature and in aggressive chemical environments.

Optimised by utilising a combination of base oil and Molyslip’s propriety thickener and additive system, Arvina XRdelivers outstanding resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation at temperatures of up to 280°C. The range is resistant to most aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and oxidising agents allowing it to be used where conventional products will fail.

Andrew Cunningham, General Manager, Molyslip says: “We are excited to bring this speciality lubricant to market after having identified a need across multiple markets. Our new Arvina XR is proven to significantly extend relubrication intervals when compared to conventional greases. It is ideally suited to a variety of high temperature applications such as ovens (wood panel and food industry), Pipe Pig (oil & gas), industrial vacuum and laboratory oxygen (pharmaceuticals).”