Molyslip has added Rope-Tek™ WRD to its range of high-performance lubricants.  The portfolio is specifically designed to lubricate and protect steel wire ropes and each product is formulated from high-performance base oils and thickeners.  These contain an advanced additive system that minimises friction and wear whilst delivering outstanding corrosion protection.

Steel wire ropes are complex in construction and are subject to arduous operating conditions. Movement such as loading and unloading of the rope, bending and flexing over sheaves and pulleys, creates high load points where wires and strands cross over each other. This can result in fretting wear and corrosion, reducing the life of the rope.  The high-load carrying solids contained in Rope-Tek™ WRD products form a low-friction barrier between the metal surfaces, minimising frictional contact and wear.

Due to the vastly different environments that wire ropes must operate in, Molyslip has a comprehensive range of wire rope lubricants to provide the right product for every condition and situation.

Commenting on the new range, Molyslip’s General Manager, Andrew Cunningham says: “We are really confident that this new Rope-Tek™ WRD range will be extremely well received.  It provides excellent resistance to moisture and oxidation protects against corrosion induced failure.  Its high-load carrying solids minimise friction and wear between wires and strands.  Rope-Tek™ WRD also has extreme resistance to water which prevents the lubricant being washed from the rope.”

Molyslip is an independent UK-based manufacturer of specialised lubricants and has been supplying products both nationally and internationally since the 1930’s.  The company exports to over 60 countries worldwide and its products (market leading Copaslip, TAP, WRL and Arvina) are used across a range of Industry, with particular strengths in Metal-Working, Oil & Gas, Repair & Maintenance and Automotive as well Marine/Off-shore, Ship Building, and Food & Beverage (both production and packaging areas). Hunt –