BMCTPL Port, an esteemed subsidiary of PSA International, stands proudly as India’s largest and premier container gateway. Strategically situated within the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Maharashtra, it serves as a critical hub for international trade and commerce.

As part of their commitment to operational excellence, they embarked on a mission to identify a cost-efficient wire rope lubricant that would deliver outstanding performance, ensuring the smooth functioning of their operations.


BMCTPL Port had been using a previous supplier for Wire Rope Dressing to lubricate the wire ropes of their RTG (Rubber-Tired Gantry) cranes. However, they encountered limitations with the existing lubrication solution.

The previous solution had a quicker drying period meaning more lubrication was required more frequently. Plus, the resistance to water wash-out was significantly weaker.

As a result, the wire ropes of the cranes wore out more quickly, resulting in significant downtime and maintenance requirements at BMCTPL Port.

This is when they made the switch to Molyslip WRL-CV.


BMCTPL Port experienced significant improvements after switching to Molyslip WRL-CV lubricant.

The transition resulted in a remarkable 15% increase in weld load & temperature performance. By replacing their previous supplier, BMCTPL Port observed that WRL-CV extended the lubrication lifespan as the lubricant film remained wet for twice the duration of the previous lubricant.

Thanks to changing to WRL-CV, BMCTPL Port reduced their total lubricant costs by 15%.