Independently owned Aqua Safety Showers is a manufacturer of emergency safety showers and eye wash equipment, based in Wigan, UK. They construct both standard and bespoke emergency safety showers and eye wash equipment for customers around the UK and offshore.

Molyslip were contacted by Aqua Safety Showers, as they required a product that prevented the hinges, nuts and bolts from seizing when they maintained their customers equipment. Molyslip Sales Engineer, Sam Barron, visited the site and identified that they would also benefit from a long term corrosion preventative as the showers are typically stored outside in harsh outdoor climates, such as ports and docks.


  • Prevent seizing of metal components
  • Protect showers against corrosion long term


  • Time saving during maintenance work
  • Reduced corrosion
  • Extended product life
  • Guaranteed warranty on products


After his initial site visit, Molyslip engineer Sam Barron recommended Molyslip COPASLIP™ to prevent the seizing of nuts and bolts. Available in the 100g tubes, COPASLIP™ provided easy application during both the build and maintenance of the showers.

To provide long-term corrosion protection, Mr Barron recommended the use of X30 in 400ml aerosol. The solvent based high-performance corrosion preventative is ideally suited for the arduous task of protecting the showers from the corrosive effects of rain, saltwater on the oil rigs, docks and facilities that utilise Aqua Safety Showers.


After initial trials of COPASLIP™ and X30, Molyslip re-visited the site for a status update where Aqua Safety Shower approved both products for continued use.

Industry leader COPASLIP™ allows their engineers and maintenance staff to be more productive and efficient when carrying out routine maintenance and repairs on the showers as all, fixture and fittings are removed easily due to Molyslip Copaslip preventing the hinges, nuts and bolts from seizing.

Additionally, X30 is applied to every safety shower and eye wash system Aqua Safety Showers produces. Due to the increased protection provided by X30, the manufacturer is now able to give customers an extended 2-year warranty.