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Molyslip Launches DRY PTFE Spray

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Molyslip has added a new aerosol, DRY PTFE spray, to its dry film lubricant portfolio.  The new lubricant and release spray is ideal for environments where wet lubricants are not effective due to airborne dust and particulates.  The newest addition to the dry lubricant range is a non-staining, silicone-free, dry PTFE lubricant that is also non-toxic to use.

The dry film has been developed using a high level of sub-micron PTFE that provides a light long-lasting protection, giving customers extended re-lubrication intervals as well as extending equipment life.  The new Molyslip DRY PTFE spray can be applied to pins, slides, guides, hinges, and chutes to prevent wear and prolong component durability.  

Andrew Cunningham General Manager Molyslip Ltd says: “We are thrilled to launch this Dry PTFE spray to the market.  It fits perfectly into our suite of dry film lubricants and unlike its predecessors, it is ideally suited to clean industries.  In addition to use as a general lubricant, DRY PTFE is excellent for quick, clean release of plastics and rubbers in complex moulding applications.  It is already being very well received by our customers.”

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