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Molyslip Launches Glasstek - A Range of Speciality Lubricants for the Glass Industry

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Leading lubricant specialist, Molyslip has launched Glasstek.  A new range of hot-end lubricants specifically formulated for the glass container manufacturing industry.

The Molyslip Glasstek range of hot-end lubricants are formulated for the IS machine, gob shear and distribution systems, delivery equipment, blank and finishing moulds and conveyors.  These in addition to the industry-proven Molyslip maintenance ranges, provide a comprehensive lubrication package to modern-day glass manufacturers.

Commenting on the launch, Molyslip General Manager, Andrew Cunningham says: “These are exciting times for Molyslip, and we see huge potential for this new high-performance glass range.  The manufacturing of glass containers presents some of the most severe challenges to both the machines and lubricants used in their production and we are confident that Molyslip® Glasstek is one of the most efficient and comprehensive ranges available.  Each lubricant within the portfolio is developed to address the specific requirements of glass industry applications and is designed to increase efficiency and optimise machine performance.”

Range includes:

  • PRE-COATS: Glasstek MPC & Dry Graphite Spray - Thin dry film coatings for blank and finish moulds to ensure excellent gob loading and optimised production efficiency.
  • SHEAR SPRAY LUBRICANTS: Glasstek SL-40 - Extend shear blade life, improve shear cut performance, provide corrosion protection, and reduce shear marks whilst optimising delivery efficiency.
  • DELIVERY LUBRICANTS: Glasstek EGC - Also known as “scoop oils” and “gob accelerator” lubricants, the Glasstek range of wet and dry delivery lubricants are specially developed to reduce friction, improve cleanliness and ensure consistent delivery of the gob to the mould.
  • TRANSFER COATINGS: Glasstek AG-20 - Formulated specifically to prevent product damage and reduce thermal shock, the Glasstek range of transfer coatings optimise production and ensure bottle consistency.
  • IS MACHINE LUBRICANTS: Glasstek IS- 220 Ultra/IS-220/IS-150/PL50 - The Glasstek range of IS machine lubricants has been developed to withstand the extreme temperatures found in glass manufacturing operations ensuring consistent lubrication, protecting against corrosion and wear whilst minimising carbon build-up. 
  • SPECIALITY APPLICATION LUBRICANTS: OCL – E10/Arvina XR2/Graphslip/Dry Graphite Spray - To complement the extensive hot-end range of lubricants for the glass manufacturing industry, Molyslip offers a full range of specialty high-performance lubricants developed to extend the life and maintenance intervals of all other key equipment in the glass manufacturing process.

For more information, please contact our general manager Andrew Cunningham at 

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