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Molyslip Launches New TAP Range

Friday, 18 May 2018

Lubricant leader, Molyslip has launched TAP, a range of high-performance lubricants designed for severe metal working operations such as drilling, reaming and tapping. The range includes highly concentrated mixtures of lubricity and reactive extreme pressure and anti-wear additives.

Molyslip TAP products provide excellent surface finish to components and protect tooling from wear and damage. They are suitable for most drilling, reaming and tapping (spiral point, spiral flute and fluteless) operations on most metals.

Andrew Cunningham, General Manager Molyslip says:  “We are very excited about the new range which is proving to have excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance which as a result is maximising tool life in arduous operations.  The range is available in liquid, paste and aerosol form.”

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