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COMBAT® Spray – multi-functional, water-displacing rust preventative and lubricant

Multi-functional, water displacing rust preventative and lubricant

Molyslip COMBAT® Spray is an advanced water-displacing fluid which deposits a protective and lubricating film. The petroleum base is reinforced with sophisticated performance additives the bind to metal surfaces protecting them from friction, wear and atmospheric corrosion.

COMBAT® Spray is designed as a true multi-purpose product that will displace moisture from surfaces, lubricate, protect from corrosion and act as a penetrating and releasing agent for seized and corroded parts. COMBAT® Spray is free from silicones, is non-staining and is suitable for use on most metals. It is inert towards most common plastics and rubbers.

Features and benefits

  • Actively displaces moisture from surfaces
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Excellent penetration and release properties
  • All round general purpose lubricant

Instructions for use

Shake well, hold can upright and spray from a distance of approximately 15-30cm.


400ml aerosol

Technical data (typical values)


Test method




Pale brown liquid

Film thickness



Operating temperature range


-50°C to + 140°C


Store Molyslip COMBAT® Spray out of direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be controlled to between 5°C and 35°C.


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