Superior lubricants for superior performance


The Molyslip® metalworking range of high-performance lubricants is designed for severe metal cutting operations such as broaching, drilling, sawing, reaming and tapping.
Molyslip® lubricants allow higher metal removal rates, increased tool life, consistent dimensional accuracy and improved surface finish.

Molyslip® MQL is a chlorine and sulphur-free range of high-performance lubricants designed for the near-dry machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The high-polarity natural base fluids exhibit excellent metal-wetting properties and outstanding film strength, virtually eliminating contact between tool and the workpiece. 

The Molyslip® TAP range offers superior lubrication and extreme-pressure performance for high-severity applications. Water-soluble, chlorine and sulphur-free options are also available to satisfy the increasing demand for health and safety and environmental requirements.

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