PVG 679

Synthetic Lubricants for Petrochemical Valves

MOLYSLIP PVG-679 AND PVG-679WG are fully synthetic greases that have been specifically formulated for the lubrication of gate and plug valves operating in the petrochemical industry. The combination of synthetic base fluid, solid lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and stabilisers ensure that PVG-679 and PVG-679WG have maximum resistance to chemicals encountered in the exploration and production of crude oil and gas. They act as lubricants to the valve components and will assist in maintaining or regaining sealing performance to minimise leakage.

Conventional valve lubricants can be dissolved or degraded by materials such as hydrocarbon solvents, gas condensates, H2S and mineral acids such as HCl. Should this occur the seals and other valve components can become dry – resulting in higher friction and wear and increased actuation torque. In addition voids left in the valve cavity can lead to further build-up of corrosive substances or other contaminants – resulting in further damage, leakage and ultimately seizure.

PVG-679 and PVG-679WG possess outstanding resistance to most chemicals used in the oil and gas exploration and production process. They will lubricate and protect valve components ensuring smooth, reliable operation and resist wash-out minimizing cavity contamination.

PVG-679 is suitable for use on most gate and plug valves across a wide operating temperature range of -20°F to 450°F (-29°C to 232°C). The operating temperature range for PVG-679WG is -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C).

Note: PVG-679 and PVG-679WG are not recommended for use on floating seat ball valves. The recommended product is MOLYSLIP BVL


  • Outstanding resistance to exploration and production chemicals (hydrocarbons, gas condensate, H2S, mineral acids etc)
  • Adhesive, tenacious film ensures maximum lubrication and protection
  • Excellent lubrication and sealing properties
  • Wide operating temperature range


22kg pail and 220kg drum

TECHNICAL DATA (typical values)

PropertyTest method PVG-679 PVG-679WG
AppearanceSmooth grey/black grease Smooth grey/black grease
Worked penetration IP50 265-295 265-295
NLGI classification 22
S Drop point
4-ball weld load
Density @ 20°C
1.30 g.cm3
1.30 g.cm3
Operating temperature range
29°C to 232°C -40°C to 149°C