Biodegradable Valve Lubricant & Seal


Molyslip® VLS is an NLGI 1 biodegradable adhesive valve lubricant & sealant based on vegetable oil thickened with aluminium soap. The product has been specially developed for use in gate and plug valves operating in oilfield applications (exploration, pipelines, refining etc) but is also suitable for other petrochemical applications where similar equipment is employed.

Molyslip® VLS contains lubricating solids, tackiness additives and a corrosion inhibitor package designed to provide the excellent load carrying, adhesion and corrosion protection necessary for equipment used in hostile working environments where contamination by hydrocarbon fluids, saltwater, steam or aggressive chemicals is likely to be encountered.

Molyslip® VLS can provide a degree of sealing when used in older or worn valve equipment also be used to provide effective lubrication and protection to slides, open gears, and plain bearings operating in similar environments.


  • Excellent adhesion and film strength at high & low temperature
  • High load carrying and anti-wear properties
  • Resistant to hydrocarbon fluids, saltwater, steam, aggressive chemicals, etc
  • Compatible with commonly encountered seal materials
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • Highly effective protection against corrosion
  • Outstanding resistance to washout
  • Provides a degree of sealing when used in older or worn valve equipment


Available in 18kg pail