A large multi-national waste company contacted Molyslip with a maintenance issue.

They were experiencing regular wire breakages on overhead cranes used to move waste into furnaces. The heat, coupled with inadequate lubrication, was causing stress to the crane’s wire rope leading to breakages and negatively impacting plant productivity.

Molyslip Sales Engineer, Sam Barnes, performed a site audit examining the wire rope, operating conditions and performance records of the overhead cranes. After his assessment, Barnes recommended wire rope lubricant WRL-C5 for use on the company’s overhead cranes. Molyslip WRL-C5 is a versatile product, which when applied extends the life of the wire rope.

A month after switching to WRL-C5 on the overhead crane, the company continues to achieve their performance objectives. From the initial application, they have experienced reduced wire break frequency whilst being able to easily reapply due to the lubricants brushability.