Synthetic IS Machine Lubricant


MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK IS220 ULTRA is a high performance, fully synthetic lubricant specifically designed for use in the closed-circuit lubrication systems of Individual Section Machines producing hollow glassware and rotary glass pressing machinery. The product is formulated from a blend of fully synthetic base fluids carefully selected to deliver excellent lubrication properties at high operating temperatures.

MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK IS220 ULTRA contains an advanced additive system to minimize friction and wear and protect against thermo-oxidative degradation ensuring that all friction points are maintained free from carbon deposit build-up even when operating temperatures of up to +260° are encountered.

The MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK IS220 ULTRA is formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of all major machine manufacturers and glass ware producers and the inclusion of an Ultra-Violet (UV) dye facilitates rapid lubrication system leak detection.

MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK IS220 ULTRA can also be used to lubricate conveyor and drive chain applications by means of centralized, total loss lubrication system or by hand using a suitable applicator.


• High film strength
• Excellent anti-wear properties
• Excellent resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation
• Suitable for use in closed circuit and centralised lubrication systems
• High temperature capability – up to +260°C


Available in 200ltr