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HISTORY Molyslip®

80 Years Leading The Way In Lubricant Technology

Molyslip® celebrates an 80-year heritage as an independent UK-based manufacturer of specialised lubricants. The company has been supplying superior lubricant products both nationally and internationally since the 1930s.


Molyslip began with innovation when entrepreneur Baron Rolf Beck created a lubricant compound that revolutionised industry in the 1930’s. With that technology, Baron Beck founded Molyslip and ever since, we have been at the forefront of lubricant innovation. We have always prided ourselves on being responsive to the needs of industry. During the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, due to the proliferation of the motor vehicle, we developed some of the most widely distributed engine oil supplements. Those products are still in use today in the garages of Formula 1 racing and classic car enthusiasts.


Trusted and used by industry leaders around the world, Molyslip’s dedication to technology and innovation has paid off. In the last twenty years, our product range of specialist lubricants has grown to service Oil and Gas, Marine, automotive, maintenance, metal processing and the rail industries.


In 2017 the Molyslip® became part of the Bishopdale Group – a lubricant investment company that owns Molyslip®, United Oil Products Ltd and Metalube®. With that move came significant investment in technology and a focus on lubricant innovation.

At Molyslip, our continued success lies in being future focused and in our ability to be flexible, offering unrivalled technical and after-sales support. It is our priority for customers to run at peak efficiency – and for 80 years we have delivered a world-class service and superior-performance products.


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