An internationally renowned white goods manufacturer switched to Molyform 2090 and saw significant improvement in operational efficiency in less than 3 days.

The manufacturer produces mainly range ovens, along with other high-end kitchen appliances. During the metal pressing operation of oven components, the previous lubricant was causing release issues which led to operators having to pry hot metal components from the press tooling. This resulted in reduced efficiency, and ultimately damaged components – in some instances splitting when components failed to release from the 630-ton press, due to poor lubrication.

Molyslip were recommended as a potential lubricant partner after another manufacturer had success with Molyform products.  

Molyslip identified clear lubrication objectives to optimise performance, improve efficiency and reduce defective components:

•            Reduce downtime of machinery

•            Easier release of components from the press

•            Reduce component splitting and damaged components

•            Improve operational efficiency


Michael Green, Technical Sales Manager, attended site and conducted a site survey. After considering the unique operational requirements of the site and the needs of the manufacturer, Michael recommended premium performance Molyform 2090. Molyform 2090 is a heavy-duty, chlorine free  neat oil with an advanced additive package which helps prevent metal pick-up and scoring as well as having excellent anti-wear properties that extend tool life.

Trials of Molyform 2090 were conducted over a prolonged period and quickly resulted in an improvement over the previous lubricant. After an even application of lubricant across the metal surface the metal components were easily removed after being pressed. Molyform 2090 also resulted in less instances of thinning and subsequent splitting of the metal and a higher quality finished product.

Additionally, as part of the lubrication audit, Mike Green was able to consolidate a range of lubricants the manufacturer were using across multiple UK sites. This included the use of the Molyform range as well as general maintenance lubricants used throughout the production area , leading to increased ease of purchase and efficiencies within the purchasing department as well as significant cost savings.

Molyform is a range of lubricants for ferrous and non-ferrous cold and warm metal-forming processes. The range is suitable for use on a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, high-carbon and stainless steels. Molyform lubricants can be used on all modern presswork equipment including high-speed progression tools and transfer presses.

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