Molyslip, a leading provider of industrial lubricants and maintenance solutions, is excited to unveil its latest product, ARVINA EP2. This high-performance multipurpose grease is specifically engineered for general industrial lubrication, offering exceptional performance and protection across various operational conditions.

MOLYSLIP ARVINA EP2 is formulated with an anhydrous calcium soap thickener system, which provides superior anti-corrosive properties to the grease. The proprietary thickener, combined with carefully selected antioxidants, extreme pressure additives, and anti-wear agents, enhances the grease’s ability to withstand extreme operating conditions and provide optimum lubrication.

ARVINA EP2 is suitable for use in plain, ball, and roller bearings, offering reliable lubrication in a wide range of industrial applications. Whether operating in high or low temperatures, this grease provides consistent performance and protection.

Key Features and Benefits of ARVINA EP2:

  1. Excellent Anti-Wear Performance: Protects equipment from wear and extends its service life.
  2. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Can be used in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +120°C, ensuring consistent performance in various environments.
  3. Effective Rust and Corrosion Protection: Guards against the damaging effects of rust and corrosion, promoting equipment longevity.
  4. Extended Relubrication Intervals: The grease’s oxidation inhibition properties help extend the time between relubrication, reducing maintenance requirements.

With the introduction of ARVINA EP2, Molyslip further strengthens its commitment to delivering high-quality lubrication solutions for the industrial sector. This versatile multipurpose grease enhances equipment performance, reduces downtime, and improves operational efficiency.

Molyslip is a renowned provider of industrial lubricants and maintenance solutions. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Molyslip has been serving a diverse range of industries worldwide for over 85 years. The company’s product portfolio includes cutting-edge lubricants, greases, cleaners, anti-seize compounds, metal forming lubricants and more.

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