Molyslip has launched a new TAP PLUS range of hand applied metal cutting lubricants.  The new range employs an advanced additive package to deliver over 40% improved performance over competitor products. This cutting edge technology has been developed to withstand severe metal working operations such as drilling, reaming, and tapping.

Andrew Cunningham, General Manager, Molyslip says: “The TAP PLUS range offers exceptionally high-performance – resulting in outstanding surface finish as well as significantly improved protection of tooling from wear and damage.  In customer trials, the new metal cutting range has delivered outstanding performance whilst maintaining the highest levels of operator acceptance, and minimising the environmental impact.”

  • Molyslip Tap plus drilling reaming and tapping lubricant
  • Tap Plus compound

The performance benefits include improved surface finish, minimised tool breakages with improved productivity resulting in reduced downtime, allows greater metal removal rates.  TAP PLUS can be used on a whole range of tools from reamers, taps, drills, milling cutters to dies, saw blades and broaches.  It is suitable for CNC machining centres and lathes as well as milling and drilling machines.  The range is available in liquid, spray and compound.

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