What is thread compound?

In the oil and gas industry, thread compounds also referred to as ‘pipe dope’ are anti-seize/anti-galling compounds used on threaded OCTG connections. During drilling and production processes, these compounds provide consistent make-up and break-out torque and anti-galling protection between thread flanks. The use of thread compounds helps seal pipe connections, protect at high temperatures and provide lubrication during assembly.

Drill pipes and production tubing & casing threads are coated with thread compound before being assembled. This lubricates the connections tightening and reducing the friction between components enabling consistent make-up torque/clamping pressure. This also creates a protective seal that protects the individual joint components from galling and prevents threads from seizing during the assembly/make-up process.

Common issues in the oil and gas industry

As discussed above, thread compounds are vital to the maintenance of tube and pipe connections and the lubrication of said parts. As such, several issues can arise from improper use or lack of thread compound within connections. These can include:

  1. Contamination: Improperly stored/maintained thread compounds can become contaminated with foreign particles, water, or other contaminants chemicals during transportation, storage, or in application. Contamination of compounds can reduce their effectiveness, and this can lead to issues such as inconsistency, galling, or inadequate sealing.
  2. Lubrication: If a thread compound does not offer enough lubrication, it can lead to excessive friction during the make-up and break-out of threaded connections. This can result in thread damage, add significantly to maintenance costs and downtime, affecting profits as a result.
  3. Corrosion: In some cases, thread compounds may not offer enough of a protective layer against corrosion. Corrosion can compromise the integrity of the threaded connections, leading to leaks or potential failures. This is especially problematic in environments with high levels of corrosive substances. Such as saltwater, hydrocarbon solvents, gas condensates, H2S and mineral acids such as HCl.
  4. Temperature Extremes: Thread compounds must be able to perform effectively under extreme conditions. Whether it’s in Arctic environments or high-temperature wells. In the oil and gas industry, equipment is often exposed to a variety of changing climates and temperatures.
  5. Drying and Hardening: Some thread compounds can dry out and even harden over time, especially during long-term use/storage. This can make them less effective and challenging to apply. Proper storage conditions and periodic inspections are necessary to prevent this issue.
  6. Environmental Impact: Environmental considerations, such as the toxicity and biodegradability of thread compounds, are becoming increasingly important. Companies are increasingly utilising environmentally friendly bases. This ensures their oils and compounds are derived from sustainable practices so that their activities have a lower environmental impact.

Molyslip and the oil and gas industry  

Offshore oil platform

Molyslip’s specially formulated thread compounds and anti-seize greases have become key players in the oil and gas industry across the globe. Our various ranges are used across the oil and gas industry assisting in key areas of both land and offshore operations such as drilling/production operations, jack-up rigs and downstream operations.

Each of our compounds excels in its specific application and has a list of benefits that make it the best solution for the oil and gas industry.

Copaslip OCTG

Copaslip OCTG, our leading copper-based, high-performance thread compound currently in use across the globe. Offering a lead and zinc-free compound with a low sulphur content that is brushable at low temperatures (down to -18°C.) This allows it to provide a consistent joint makeup and breakout with minimal deviation.

It is able to achieve excellent results due to its high levels of load-carrying and anti-wear additives. Copaslip OCTG also provides effective protection against corrosion and outstanding resistance against water washout. This all combines to form one of the most complete protective thread compounds on the market.

Copaslip OCTG is easy to apply and can be applied to cold and damp equipment. (It also remains effective over a wide temperature range.)

Graphslip OCTG

Our premium performance, metal-free, tool joint and drill collar compound, is formulated on highly refined low sulphur mineral oil with the addition of non-metallic solid lubrications that provide excellent high load carrying and corrosion protection.

Graphslip OCTG is designed to prevent the seizing of threads and has a high resistance to wash out and frequent temperature changes during use. This ensures that threads remain protected and that deviations between make-up and breakout torques are minimised.

Ecoslip OCTG

Ecoslip OCTG is our eco-conscious, OCNS-registered compound. Produced using biodegradable base stock materials and environmentally friendly additive packages, Ecoslip OCTG is made for environmentally conscious companies and to aid in the more sustainable oil and gas Industry.

As a company, Molyslip knows the importance of moving towards sustainable practices. Ensuring that we implement more environmentally aware practices in both our manufacturing and the industries we work within.

Ecoslip OCTG maintains many of the key features of our other compounds, ensuring consistent joint makeup and break-out. It has a low sulphur content and remains highly effective against corrosion.

Find an oil and gas solution that is right for you

Though there are several issues facing the oil and gas industry that suppliers and manufacturers should be aware of. Molyslip’s OCTG range is equipped to meet them. Finding solutions that can meet the unique specifications of rig operators, pipe makeup and drilling at sea level takes significant consideration and expert guidance for the best results.

Thread compounds play a crucial role in mitigating common issues faced within the oil and gas industry. Molyslip is committed to addressing these challenges head-on by offering higher-performing products, providing enhanced consistency, and efficiency in crucial OCTG applications.

As industry demands continue to evolve, Molyslip remains at the forefront, delivering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of the oil and gas sector.

With Copaslip OCTG and other specialized compounds, we continue to play a pivotal role in enhancing the integrity and efficiency of threaded connections in diverse and challenging industries across the globe.