VGP Compliant Wire Rope Lubricant


Steel wire ropes are complex in construction and are subjected to arduous operating conditions. Movement such as loading and unloading of the rope, bending and flexing over sheaves and pulleys creates high load points where wires and strands cross over each other. This can result in fretting wear and corrosion – reducing the life of the rope. The high load carrying solids contained in Molyslip® WRL-E40 form a low friction barrier between the metal surfaces minimizing frictional contact and wear.

Molyslip® WRL-E40 is a premium performance lubricant specifically designed to lubricate and protect steel wire ropes and umbilical cables operating in marine environments. Formulated from a combination of bio-based, renewable oils complemented with performance additives that are proven to be non-toxic to aquatic organisms, Molyslip® WRL-E40 is certified to the EU Eco-label scheme and is therefore fully compliant with the USA EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP).


  • High load carrying and wear reduction capability protects wires and strands from wear
  • Excellent corrosion resistance protects ropes operating in wet conditions
  • Adhesive, tenacious film extends re-lubrication intervals
  • EU Eco-label certified and fully compliant with USA VGP 2013


Available in 18kg pail