Environmentally Acceptable Open Gear and Jack-Up Lubricant


MOLYSLIP ARVINA AW ECO is a premium performance grease formulated using a combination of high-quality vegetable and ester base oils and advanced synthetic additives that has been specifically designed to operate in the most extreme environments. The superior water resistance and corrosion protection offered by ARVINA AW ECO facilitates use in applications subjected to frequent wash down or total immersion in water where the product’s excellent water displacing properties allow it to be applied in-situ to cold/wet metals.

MOLYSLIP ARVINA AW ECO is ideal for the lubrication of open gear sets of rotary kilns, tube and ore mills, semi-enclosed drive gears, jack-up screws, racks, slideways, crown gears, valves, shafts, pivots, joints and articulations, pin bush connections, injector head chains and all slow moving anti-friction and plain bearings etc.

MOLYSLIP ARVINA AW ECO is formulated from readily biodegradable base fluids and thickener; containing materials that pose little or no risk to the environment.


  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Exceptional mechanical stability extends relubrication intervals
  • Highly adhesive, self-repair film
  • Outstanding wash-off resistance
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Highly resistant to water wash-off
  • Suitable for all moving and static load-bearing applications


Available in 18kg Pails