Ball Valve Lubricant


Molyslip® BVL is a soft, mobile grease lubricant specially designed for use in API 6D spring-loaded floating seat ball valves used in the petrochemical industry. The product is based on a specially selected synthetic fluid that is fully compatible with the seal ring materials commonly found in this type of equipment.

Molyslip® BVL contains highly effective anti-wear and corrosion inhibitor packages designed to provide the excellent wear and corrosion protection necessary for valves operating in these severely hostile working conditions. Molyslip BVL offers a high degree of resistance to washout by the hydrocarbon fluids, saltwater, steam or aggressive chemicals encountered in this operating environment.

Molyslip® BVL is based on a high film strength fluid that will adhere to the internal valve surfaces and remains mobile during use to ensure the correct operation of the floating spring-loaded seats within the seat pocket. The use of stiff grease prevents the seats following the movement of the ball as it floats and can result in leakage. The mobile nature of Molyslip BVL reduces the potential for sticking and allows the seats to move freely and form an effective seal. The product will not thicken or dry out at the temperatures commonly encountered in the intended application.


  • High film strength
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Highly effective protection against corrosion
  • Ensures effective seat/ball operation
  • Compatible with commonly encountered seal ring materials
  • Outstanding washout resistance
  • Good resistance against oxidation at high temperature
  • Remains mobile – will not thicken or dry out during use


Available in 22kg pails