Kalmar crane operators at Royal Portbury Dock approached a Molyslip distributor looking for a more cost effective and easy application solution to lubricate crane wire.

The current lubricant used in the operation was difficult to apply and resulted in long maintenance intervals and downtime. In addition, the lubricant was hand applied to the rope, which led to inconsistencies and a lack of penetration.


  • Reduce maintenance time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve performance
  • Ease of application
Wire rope lubricant and grease Molyslip WRL-S15


To meet and exceed these objectives, Molyslip recommended WRL-S15, a pseudoplastic wire rope lubricant. The high load carrying and wear reduction capability from WRL-S15 protects wires and strands from wear, reducing maintenance and downtime along with improving performance. However, one of the main reasons for the S15 recommendation was the ease of application. Due to the product mobile nature facilitating spray application relubrication of wire ropes is both easier and quicker for the user.


The client saw an overall 50% decrease in lubricant consumption.

In addition, as a spray-able wire rope lubricant, WRL-S15 decreased the maintenance time and downtime by 50%.

Where previously the client saw a lack of penetration on crane wire, WRL-S15 delivered consistent coverage and deeper wire rope penetration.

Learn more about WRL-S15 and the full MOLYSLIP Marine and Port range by clicking here. This case study is also available to download here.

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