Dry film PTFE lubricant


MOLYSLIP DRY PTFE SPRAY is a high performance, non-toxic multi-purpose PTFE lubricant and release agent spray. The product provides a light, long life lubricating film that is particularly suitable for use in ‘clean’ industries such as Pharmaceutical in areas where ‘wet film’ lubricants cannot be tolerated.

MOLYSLIP DRY PTFE SPRAY deposits a totally dry low transfer film, after evaporation of the carrier solvent, that provides long life lubrication to pins, slides, guides, hinges and chutes for packaged goods etc.

MOLYSLIP DRY PTFE SPRAY will also provide quick, clean release of plastics, rubbers etc in complex moulding applications – blow, injection, compression and resins/gel coats used in layup of fiberglass. The fine evenly controlled spray of MOLYSLIP DRY PTFE SPRAY ensures complete even coverage allowing release from even the most complex of tooling, ‘Dry’ film results in matt finish mouldings.


  • Clean, dry colourless, non-toxic friction coating
  • Excellent temperature capability -200°C to +270°C
  • Long service life
  • Light, low transfer film
  • Water and solvent resistant
  • Silicone free


Available in 400ml aerosol