Glasstek EGC IS Machine delivery coating


A UK based manufacturer of hollow glassware approached MOLYSLIP
looking for an easy to apply, long-lasting coating for their IS Machine
delivery equipment (troughs, deflectors, etc.). The current 2-part product was difficult to apply, particularly in cold temperatures and had a short window of application (pot life) which led to a great deal of wasted time and product. In addition, the coating was uneven and the wear and abrasion resistance poor leading to short coating life.


  • Easy Application
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased in-use life




The client achieved >50% increase in run time when compared to the incumbent product on their IS Machine. Equipment coated with MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK EGC ran for >6 weeks (and counting) compared to the 2-3 weeks achieved previously.
In addition to longer coating life MOLYSLIP GLASSTEK EGC is easy to apply in all temperatures and offers greater coverage leading to reduced consumption.

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