Glasstek EGC IS Machine Delivery Coating


Bonded Dry Graphite Delivery Coating


Molyslip® GLASSTEK EGC is a specially formulated dispersion of high purity graphite in 2-part thermoset resin designed to provide superior lubrication and minimise thermal transfer from the gob when applied to the delivery equipment of high volume glass forming machinery.

Molyslip® GLASSTEK EGC provides lubrication and a thermal barrier between IS machine scoops, troughs and deflectors and the semi-molten glass gob. The durable dry graphite coating eliminates the smoke, fumes and carbon build-up associated with traditional wet delivery lubricants.

Molyslip® GLASSTEK EGC provides long term lubrication, ensures consistent gob speed and accurate delivery.


  • Resin-bonded temperature resistant low friction coating
  • Ambient temperature curing
  • Long service life
  • Provides consistent IS Machine delivery speed
  • Maintains accurate delivery
  • Easily applied by brush
  • Facilitates patch coating during operation


Available in 500g duo-tin

*Note: Not suitable for spray application. Do not mix parts A & B at extreme temperature.