Glasstek AG-20

Dry graphite lubricant and release agent


Molyslip® Glasstek AG-20 is a specially formulated aqueous dispersion of high purity graphite, resin and anti-settling agents designed to provide superior lubrication and release properties in hot materials handling applications.

Molyslip® Glasstek AG-20 provides a thermal barrier between transfer surfaces and semi-molten glass when applied as a dry coating to slide plates and wire mesh Lehr conveyor belts to facilitate controlled cooling in the glass container manufacturing industry.

Molyslip® Glasstek AG-20 can also be used as a billet and plunger coating in hot metal extrusion.


  • Concentrated stable graphite dispersion
  • Provides a dry, bonded temperature resistant coating
  • Limits thermal shock to allow controlled cooling
  • Low-friction coating aids movement
  • Reduces thermal shock marking – crizzling etc.
  • Brush or spray application


Available 4.5 kg pail