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Lubricating grease and machine efficiency? A lubricating grease is a type of lubricant used predominantly for metal parts and machinery. Typically used in the transport and manufacturing industries to reduce…
Graxa lubrificante ou composto antigripante? Qual devo usar
A common question when looking into solutions is the difference between a lubricating greases and an anti-seize compound?
In manufacturing and assembly industries, lubricating grease and anti-seize compounds are essential for maximising the performance of machinery and components. These maintenance technologies are often specifically designed with unique properties/features…
Molyslip premiado com o Prêmio do Rei
Molyslip recebe o The Kings Award
Molyslip part of the Metalube Group (incorporating lubricant brands Metalube, Molyslip and Vapor-Tek) are proud to announce today that it has received The King’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2023…
Molyslip lança SLIPCLEAN RD
Apresentando o SLIPCLEAN RD
Molyslip, a leading provider of industrial lubricants and maintenance solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, SLIPCLEAN RD. This innovative cleaner and degreaser is specifically designed…

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