Graphite-reinforced pseudoplastic wire lubricant


Molyslip® WRL – S20 is a premium performance lubricant specifically designed to overcome the challenge of effectively lubricating and protecting steel wire ropes. Formulated from high-quality base oils and incorporating a pseudoplastic thickener system Molyslip® WRL-S20 solves the problem of balancing penetrating properties and wash-off resistance without the unnecessary compromises of conventional greases.

The majority of wear and corrosion of a wire rope occurs in the core. This is hidden away from view and difficult to reach through the outer strands. Therefore an effective rope lubricant must have excellent penetration properties to deliver protection in this vital area. This is best achieved by low viscosity materials that have little resistance to flow. However, low viscosity products have poor resistance to wash-off caused by rain or water immersion, for this a tenacious high viscosity material is required. These competing and opposite demands often result in a compromise product.

Molyslip® WRL-S20 is suitable for use on most wire rope types and constructions operating in a wide variety of conditions and equipment such as cranes, ports, oilfield, construction, and mining. They can also be used in applications such as ROV umbilical cables to protect from corrosion.


  • Graphite-reinforced version of Molyslip® WRL-S10 for enhanced load-carrying properties, protecting wires and strands from wear in extreme conditions
  • Superior corrosion resistance, protecting ropes operating in wet and humid environments
  • Highly adhesive ‘low-fling’ film, which extends re-lubrication intervals
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility preventing flacking and cracking.


18kg poly container