Multi-Function Food Grade Lubricant/Release Agent


Molyslip® MSS is a clean multi-function, non-toxic food grade lubricant/release agent based on high purity silicone oil. The product provides a light, long-lasting water and chemical resistant lubricating film for precision mechanisms, hinges, slides etc used in clean industries including food, medical, pharmaceutical.

Molyslip® MSS offers excellent temperature capability (-50°C to +200°C) and antistick properties when applied to transfer chutes and slides of packaged goods.

Molyslip® MSS is specially formulated to provide quick, clean release of plastics, rubbers etc in complex moulding applications – blow, injection, compression and resins/gel coats used in layup of fiberglass. The fine evenly controlled spray of Molyslip® MSS ensures complete even coverage allowing release from even the most complex of tooling. ‘Wet’ film results in mouldings with a non-stick gloss finish.


  • High-load carrying and wear reduction capability protects wires and strands from wear
  • Excellent corrosion resistance protects ropes operating in wet conditions
  • Highly adhesive, tenacious film extends re-lubrication intervals
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility prevents flaking and cracking


400ml Aerosol