Moisture Displacing Corrosion Preventative


Molyslip® X12 is a specially formulated moisture displacing corrosion preventative designed to provide long term protection of metallic components (>12 months indoor storage / short term outdoors).

Molyslip® X12 is based on a unique blend of high-quality corrosion inhibitors, oils and waxes specially selected to deposit a moderately thin oil like film which facilitates ease of removal prior to either the next stage of production i.e. assembly or components being put into service.

When applied, Molyslip® X12 employs self-healing properties that protect against removal by accidental scuffs, scrapes, and handling of components during storage. MOLYSLIP X12 is Barium free.


  • Provides environmental protection during transport and storage
  • Dewatering capability facilitates application to damp surfaces
  • Superior wetting gives a consistent even coating and reliable protection
  • Self-healing film provides protection from incidental contact
  • Easily applied by either spray or dipping
  • Removable prior to secondary operations
  • Not classed as flammable for storage or transport
  • Barium free


Available in 180kg drum