Solvent-based long term corrosion preventative


Molyslip® X30 is a specially formulated solvent based, barium free corrosion preventative for the long term indoor protection and medium-term outdoor protection of metallic components and assemblies stored in the most severe environments.

Molyslip® X30 is based on a unique blend of high-quality corrosion inhibitors, oils and waxes specially selected to deposit a light translucent brown waxy film after evaporation of the products solvent carrier.


  • Provides environmental protection during transport and storage
  • Excellent long term indoor and medium-term outdoor protection
  • Superior wetting gives a consistent even coating and reliable protection
  • Flexible resilient film provides protection from incidental damage
  • Convenient brush, roller, spray or dip application
  • Easily removable prior to secondary operations
  • Translucent film allows easy recognition of identifying markings
  • Not classed as flammable for storage or transport
  • Barium free


Available in 400ml Aerosol