Curtain roller bearing seizures can be a nightmare for fleet managers and engineers, causing disruptions, potential failures, and costly replacements. Poor lubricity leads to a troublesome “grinding paste” that hinders curtain side openings. 

However, there’s a solution that has been making waves in the industry: Multipurpose Silicone Spray (MSS). In this article, we explore how MSS has become the go-to choice for addressing curtain roller bearing seizures, as testified by happy users.

What is Multipurpose Silicone Spray (MSS)

Molyslip MSS is a clean lubricant and release agent that offers remarkable versatility across multiple industries. Its high purity silicone oil base means it provides a light, long-lasting, and water-resistant lubricating film. It is specifically designed for precision mechanisms, hinges, slides, and other critical components in clean industries such as food, medical, and pharmaceutical. Plus, it comes in a convenient aerosol form.

MSS has an impressive temperature range -50°C to +200°C. Plus, thanks to its unique formulation, ensures quick and clean release of plastics, rubbers, and complex molding applications, resulting in flawless non-stick gloss finishes. But you can learn more about the benefits of MSS here

Dealing with Roller Bearing Seizures: A Common Challenge

One of the most common issues faced by fleet managers and engineers is the seizing up of curtain roller bearings. This problem arises from poor lubricity, resulting in the formation of a damaging “grinding paste.” Not only does this hinder the smooth operation of curtain side openings, but it also increases the risk of bearing failures.

The good news is that fleet managers and engineers dealing with curtain-sided lorries have found a reliable solution in the form of MSS. This specially formulated silicone spray has proven to be a game-changer in combating curtain roller bearing seizures. If you’re facing a similar challenge you can contact one of our experts here

MSS: Your Resolution to Roller Bearing Seizures 

We may be a tad biased but MSS is an outstanding product. However, let’s hear what the users of MSS have to say about its practical effectiveness. 

Longevity and Superior Performance

According to one happy user, “This Silicone spray surpasses any other I’ve tried in terms of longevity.” MSS provides long-lasting lubrication, ensuring smooth operation for extended periods.

Protection Against Dirt Accumulation

Another user shared, “MSS forms a near-dry film, safeguarding our roller bearings from dirt accumulation.” The unique formulation of MSS creates a protective layer that prevents the build-up of dirt and debris, further enhancing the longevity and performance of curtain roller bearings.

Improved Ease of Operation and Streamlined Maintenance

One user highlighted the benefits by stating, “It has significantly enhanced the ease of opening our curtain sides and streamlined maintenance procedures.” MSS eliminates the hassle and frustration caused by seized roller bearings, making the operation of curtain sides smoother and more efficient. Additionally, the simplified maintenance process saves valuable time and resources for fleet management.

Time and Cost Savings

The benefits of using MSS go beyond improved performance. As one user explained, “With MSS, we can reduce the frequency of curtain roller replacements, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for our company.” By preventing bearing seizures and failures, MSS minimizes the need for expensive replacements, ultimately reducing downtime and expenses.


Curtain roller bearing seizures can wreak havoc on fleet management and engineering operations. However, Multipurpose Silicone Spray (MSS) has emerged as a game-changing solution, as shown by our happy users. With its long-lasting lubrication, protection against dirt accumulation, improved ease of operation, and substantial time and cost savings, MSS is the answer to curtain roller bearing seizures. It must noted MSS can be used in a variety of industries, including food, medical, pharmaceutical industries respectively.

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