A leading UK cereal manufacturer contacted Molyslip to help tackle two major challenges.

Firstly, they were experiencing excessive dusty food waste clogging their production chain, causing frequent interruptions and delays. Their existing solution, a low concentrate PTFE spray, fell short in providing long-lasting protection, leading to substantial food waste clogging.

Secondly, they were experiencing consistent seizures in their enclosed bearings causing increased maintenance and unwanted downtime. Their previous bearing grease failed to deliver the desired performance, necessitating a more effective and cost-efficient alternative.


To meet and exceed these objectives, our technical support team helped survey the site and recommended a combination of Molyslip Dry PTFE Spray and food-grade approved Arvina FM2.

The combination proposed by the Molyslip technical services team, was specific for the protection and smooth operation of equipment in the food manufacturing industry.


The use of Molyslip Dry PTFE Spray and Arvina FM2 resolved the manufacturers challenges by reducing machine downtime, maintenance whilst providing a cost saving for superior performance.

The switch from the previous supplier’s low concentrate PTFE spray to Molyslip’s higher concentrate PTFE spray provided longer-lasting protection, reducing food waste and chain clogging.

Moreover, their adoption of Arvina FM2, a superior food-grade anti-seizure bearing grease, resulted in exceptional cost savings. They used less grease while still achieving superior performance.

The manufacturer saved 75% per cartridge, minimized downtime, and reduced overall consumption.