Moly-Shield™ X4000

Solvent free corrosion preventative

MOLYSLIP X4000 is a specially formulated solvent free rust preventative for the long-term indoor storage protection of metallic parts. The product is based on a carefully selected blend of high-quality corrosion inhibitors, oils and waxes that
incorporate special adhesion promoters.

MOLYSLIP X4000 is a high quality, stable emulsion that provides superior wetting to ensure uniform coatings are applied to metal parts.

After evaporation MOLYSLIP X4000 leaves an oily residual film which when required can be easily removed.

MOLYSLIP X4000 is barium, boron, and formaldehyde free and supplied as a ready
to use pre-formed emulsion giving optimum stability, wetting and 12 months indoor corrosion protection.

MOLYSLIP X4000 can be applied through dipping or spraying.


  • Ready to use pre-formed emulsion
  • Water based technology – no chemical emissions, operator friendly
  • Provides 12 months indoor protection of metallic parts
  • Protections against environmental factors during transport and storage
  • Superior wetting ensures an even coating and reliable protection
  • Barium, boron, and formaldehyde releasing biocide free


205ltr and 1000ltr


AppearanceOff white emulsion
Density @ 20°C0.98 g cm3
Coverage70 m²/ltr