Molyslip Ltd has made a significant investment by introducing a new customer relationship management (CRM) software across its business – Salesforce.

This latest online platform is a scalable CRM system that aims to transform the business model, allowing the company to manage a 360-degree customer service channel from one dashboard.  It will reduce customer response time and enable Metalube to build further its client relationships and stay competitive in a market where expectations are rising fast.  Salesforce will enable Molyslip to efficiently track products and orders, improve communication and anticipate the needs of customers more efficiently.

Andy Cunningham, General Manager, Molyslip Ltd says: “This Salesforce investment will help us to not only increase sales and reach more customers but more importantly improve our all-round customer service.  The advanced analytics, reporting and forecasting features are state for the art.  We are confident that they will allow us to work more efficiently across the board.”

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At Molyslip, we have responded to COVID-19 by employing a range of modern communication technologies. Our support, sales and technical teams are available via Zoom, Teams, Skype, email or by phone to provide you with as much support and help as you need.